Unique Ceramic Cups Made by Yourself

Unique Ceramic Cups Made by Yourself - unique ceramic cups can find easily, for example at desain interior rumah minimalis type 70, there are floral, animal and artistic designs for your cup. You can make your own cup with the unique design. Besides that, there are still the others design that you can use. It is some pattern that you can choose for your cup.

To make unique ceramic cups which are made from floral, you can make a floral design on each side of your cup. You can choose one of wildflowers growing or flower which grows on the garden. You can create your design based on the real flower on tour garden. The simple flower is tulip or iris design.

The nature design for the unique ceramic cups is sun and moon. You can combine it into the different side of sun and moon. You can carve a moon design on either side and waxing or waning the moon in others side. For the sun, you can choose the yellow or orange for the coloring. The simpler design is knit pattern. You can use the V shapes or zigzag shape. You can also read about White ceramics with rubber in this site.

Actually there are so many unique patterns for your cup. You can make it from so many nature patterns around you. Unique ceramic cups will be great and look good when yo make it by your own design.